Since Aug,2020, new public chains, like DOT/AVAX/NEAR have saw remarkable gains (3–5 times in average). Theoritically, as long as ETH2.0 not be launched, they got chances to outperform ETH, at least, by means of hype or pump. Reasons are simple. In the bull market, large amount of capital flows into the crypto market and profit money from bitcoin is seeking for investment chances. Under the backdrop, the new public-chain assets are good for these capitals as their market caps are big and depth is greater. …

A sentiment that touched me most in this week was “Dare to Lose but Fear to Win”.

When we was caught by the bear, we just didn’t learn to stop loss but add more positions into it until the token was zeroed; When we earned some profit, we just stopped profit way too early, then, saw the project rocketed. This is what I called “Dare to lose but fear to win” — We are dauntless upon losing money but scared upon earning profit.

We recently saw Bitcoin surging to a new ATH of $43,000, up over 10 times compared to…

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